How to store / download DSC in USB token?

A. Making the token ready for downloading .

1. Insert the token in USB port.

2. Run the setup exe file to install the driver.

3. Start the driver by double clicking the icon appeared on the desktop.

4. Set PIN as per your choice and confirm the PIN(default PIN for ePass token is 12345678). Be careful in giving the PIN and remembering the same.

B. Downloading the DSC from eMudhra website:

1. Go to eMudhra download certificate option of page

2. Opt either of options

i. emClick Tool

ii. eMudhra Helper Service

3. Put the application No. and Challenge code as communicated to you.

4. Wait till the details of certificate is displayed.

5. Put PIN of token as set by you in the previous stage.

6. Select token type. (You may have to click refresh button for more than one times to select token type)

7. Click the check box of statutory statement.

8. Download the certificate ( you may have to wait a little longer time)

9. Close the browser.

10. Open the DSC from desktop icon.

11. Select certificate option at the left panel.

12. Check certificate details at the right panel.

Now your Digital Signature Certificate is ready to use.